Definition of pick someone/something to pieces (or apart) in English:

pick someone/something to pieces (or apart)


  • Criticize someone or something severely.

    ‘I knew that some people would pick the album apart’
    • ‘It's human nature to pick people apart and you're under all this scrutiny.’
    • ‘Let's embrace her instead of picking her apart.’
    • ‘The story is so distressing that it is not at first clear whether it is moral or useful to pick it apart.’
    • ‘I love the people who write reviews and pick it apart and haven't even seen the film.’
    • ‘Ok, so I don't really feel like picking this story apart right now.’
    • ‘I quite enjoy picking advertisements to pieces and I suspect a lot of other people do too.’
    • ‘I could spend more time picking his column apart, but I won't because I think you get my general point.’
    • ‘We surveyed him, and he picked the questions to pieces.’
    • ‘Once you start picking things apart, you'll never solve the problem.’
    • ‘Silenced by infirmity, if not by simple good taste, the former leader has had to stand aside while her legacy is picked apart.’