Definition of piccy in English:



  • A picture.

    ‘I decided to draw you a piccy of your swish logo’
    • ‘I have got some piccies, but they are still in the camera - I'll try and come up with an excuse to use the rest of the film soon, and get a few on here so you can see them.’
    • ‘I'm gonna have to post some piccies of the boys in action somewhen!’
    • ‘I was thinking of charging £10 for a normal portrait and maybe £15 for a theme piccy, depending on complexity.’
    • ‘Ok. Sorry about not putting up any piccies or explanation.’
    • ‘If you're lucky I may even take some piccies so that my hordes of adoring fans can see what the area looks like.’
    • ‘It's going to be really neat - I'm standardizing the design throughout the site, and we're replacing all the photographs with a super set of piccies taken by a professional photographer.’
    • ‘My youngest and I had to scour through some ‘old’ photos the other day for some piccies of her as a baby, for a school project.’
    • ‘I'd put a piccy up of the hideous painting, but I don't want to get my friend in trouble.’
    • ‘He didn't want to commit (cos the photos are so small… better to wait til the radiologist has had a good look at the nice color piccies on screen) but he thinks there's more arthritis and some herniated disk issues.’
    • ‘This website has some background info and piccies.’
    • ‘It too uses Memory Stick Duo cards to store piccies and video clips.’
    • ‘Acquiring a digicam prompted me to go and explore things around me so I could take piccies of nice things; I discovered that I enjoyed going up hills, where you can see for miles (conditions permitting) so I could take photos.’
    • ‘The piccies reveal it does indeed integrate Wi-Fi wireless networking.’
    • ‘He was so worried compromising piccies would get out he refused entry to anyone who wouldn't give their handsets in.’
    • ‘It's a floppy hat with a piccy of the Australian flag on it.’
    • ‘But I must apologise for the lack of piccies from me recently.’
    • ‘Took some piccies today that I'm probably going to talk about on the show tonight.’
    • ‘On a lighter note everything is fine and dandy here we are as usual taking lots of piccies and hopefully will be doing some craft fairs soon, if anyone has any tips, please leave us a message, any info would be very much appreciated…’
    • ‘Being our nearest city there is enough to hold the interest with lots of piccies and tales.’
    • ‘At the same time, I connected a USB scanner and scanned in a few piccies just to keep the power load high.’


Mid 19th century: abbreviation.