Definition of piastre in English:


(US piaster)


  • A monetary unit of several Middle Eastern countries, equal to one hundredth of a pound.

    • ‘‘The present price of water, at a mere 23 piastres per litre, is highly subsidised, since the real cost is 95 piastres,’ he said.’
    • ‘Although the market is full of unsubsidised baladi bread at various prices in addition to white bread, the subsidised baladi bread remains the most popular choice because it costs a mere five piastres a loaf.’
    • ‘Fishermen no longer have to wait till the fish is sold to collect their money, he adds, and taxes have been reduced from 64 to 23 piastres per kilogramme: ‘The funds allocated to take care of the fishermen have also increased.’’
    • ‘The judge immediately ruled against him and ordered him to pay one hundred piasters to his wife.’
    • ‘The government will continue to subsidise 80 octane gasoline, sold for 90 piastres as it is the main fuel for taxis and minibuses.’


From French, from Italian piastra (d'argento) ‘plate (of silver)’.