Definition of piano roll in English:

piano roll


  • A roll of perforated paper which controls the movement of the keys in a pianola or similar instrument, so producing a particular melody.

    • ‘But Gershwin's piano rolls had an advantage over sheet music for solo pianos because, by the early 1920s, he could use overdubs.’
    • ‘Milagros takes its name from the Spanish word used to describe both miracles and votive offerings, and the work is danced to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring recorded on a piano roll.’
    • ‘It's by Franz Schubert, whom he regarded as the last truly great composer, and it's played on a piano roll by his good friend.’
    • ‘Intense lobbying led to a new royalty for making player piano rolls, which was then extended to any physical manifestation of a song.’
    • ‘When the students played along with the artist's melody while following the piano roll score, they were able to replicate timing and dynamics.’
    • ‘Many contemporary virtuosos created piano rolls, including Paderewski, Rakhmaninov, Rubinstein, Gershwin, Debussy, Mahler, Richard Strauss, and Fats Waller.’
    • ‘Students were asked to replicate select phrases of the performances while following the piano roll graph, either melody or accompaniment alone or both together.’
    • ‘Students heard artist performances in entirety and phrase by phrase while viewing the piano roll.’
    • ‘Then I think he must have bought out the store's supply of piano rolls because they sat four high all across the top of the instrument.’
    • ‘This recording was made from a contemporary player piano roll.’
    • ‘Many artists also made piano rolls, but those are beyond the scope of this article.’
    • ‘Joplin himself performed some of these rags for piano roll sales.’
    • ‘To help clarify the artists' choices, she listened to their performances again while following the piano roll.’
    • ‘I find it interesting to compare contemporary pianists’ playing to the composer's, since we do have recordings of the source - piano rolls, radio recordings, private acetates.’
    • ‘But we can trace the current system of fears and balances back to 1908, when music publishers claimed player piano rolls violated music copyrights.’


piano roll