Definition of piano accordion in English:

piano accordion


  • An accordion with the melody played on a small vertical keyboard like that of a piano.

    • ‘Many thanks to Joe who has donated a piano accordion to the school band.’
    • ‘Anyone between the ages of 7 and 70 are welcome to come along and learn to play the tin whistle, button or piano accordion at 7pm each Friday evening.’
    • ‘Playing everything from harp to bagpipes (via keyboards, bodhrán, piano accordion, guitar and fiddle) the band played at festivals, parades, shows and more.’
    • ‘Items range from a horse drawn mobile spray tank, a separator, a cheese press, and a grass sieve to washing and sewing machines, a lead coated sink bench, tobacco tins and an old piano accordion.’
    • ‘Sharon is of course a multi instrumentalist in her own right, playing melodeon, piano accordion and fiddle.’
    • ‘The current music is provided by melodeons and piano accordion and various members would play a drum if there was one to hand.’
    • ‘We'll do some cover tunes, some blues tunes and I'll bring my diatonic and piano accordions - they can do just about everything.’
    • ‘And joining Sonny will be his long-time musician partner on the piano accordion.’
    • ‘Mary on her piano accordion was their accompanist.’
    • ‘The two main types of double-action, chromatic accordion are the piano accordion, with a piano-style keyboard in the right-hand manual, and the ‘continental chromatic’ accordion.’
    • ‘This is the first album by the award-winning young English exponent of the piano accordion.’
    • ‘The transition proved easy for a man whose original instrument was the piano accordion.’
    • ‘Opinions are divided over the piano accordion.’
    • ‘A number of special guests will be appearing in the show including the award winning piano accordion player.’
    • ‘We also want to bring in piano accordions into the band which at the moment is predominantly made up of button accordions.’
    • ‘When the Irish dancehall scene began to wane in Boston and the rest of America in the late 1950s he switched to the piano accordion and continued to play up to the early 1990s when he retired.’
    • ‘Shepherd's normal programme is a wonderful mix of button and piano accordion, toe-tapping fiddle and drums.’
    • ‘Some were playing piano accordions; there were flutes and harmonicas, violins and hand-held drums that created a thudding, pulsating sound.’
    • ‘Instruments to be taught include whistle, flute, fiddle, keyboard/piano and piano accordion.’
    • ‘The school band is in urgent need of piano accordions.’


piano accordion