Definition of phytochrome in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • A blue-green pigment found in many plants, in which it regulates various developmental processes.

    • ‘The plant photoreceptor phytochrome exhibits remarkable structural and functional variabilities in the plant cell.’
    • ‘Moreover, it has been suggested that some of the reported blue-UV effects may have resulted from phytochrome instead of blue-UV photoreceptor action.’
    • ‘Light signalling pathways from both phytochrome and cryptochrome photoreceptors regulate clock components to achieve entrainment in plants.’
    • ‘This macroscopically observable reaction was identified to be coupled with light-induced processes of the photoreceptor phytochrome.’
    • ‘This is the opposite of the situation in higher plants, where red light activates and far-red light inactivates phytochrome.’


Late 19th century: from phyto- ‘relating to plants’ + Greek khrōma ‘colour’.