Definition of phytochemical in English:



  • Any of various biologically active compounds found in plants.

    • ‘Well-planned vegetarian diets are also a great of nutrients such as fiber, carbohydrate, vitamin A and phytochemicals, and contain healthy fats.’
    • ‘It is also high in vitamins, minerals, protein, phytochemicals and chlorophyll, and it may work as a cancer preventative and brain booster.’
    • ‘They're also full of fiber and phytochemicals, plant compounds that may protect against some cancers and cardiovascular disease.’
    • ‘Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and plant substances known as phytochemicals, many of which may have cancer-protective effects.’
    • ‘Researchers working in the tissue culture laboratory were to evaluate a variety of plant hormones and phytochemicals to determine rapid growth conditions.’


  • Relating to phytochemistry or phytochemicals.

    • ‘The classical method is laboratory based and relies on previous taxonomic findings, phytochemical factors, immunopharmacological studies, and random screening methods.’
    • ‘After finding out how the locals made use of medicinal plants - ethnobotanic research - the center took the plants to the laboratory to identify the chemicals found in them, in what is called phytochemical research.’
    • ‘Further phytochemical investigations are deemed necessary in order to evaluate modes of actions of isolated active constituents of this plant.’
    • ‘It is commonly utilized either as a nutritional supplement or as a phytochemical remedy for different diseases ranging from chronic inflammation to circulatory dysfunctions.’
    • ‘‘Unlike phytochemical profiles and morphological features, DNA sequence normally remains unaltered during the development of the plant and under various environmental conditions,’ he says.’