Definition of physiological saline in English:

physiological saline


  • A solution of salts that is isotonic with the body fluids.

    • ‘The tail artery was cannulated with an intravenous catheter filled with physiological saline and heparin, and then connected to a pressure transducer (RP - 1500 Narco Biosystem).’
    • ‘Bacterial suspension was prepared in physiological saline, washed twice and. adjusted to McFarland standard 2.’
    • ‘Previously, it has been shown that even the inhalation of physiological saline leads to a transient drop in FEV 1 in patients with CF.’
    • ‘A hemolysate of red blood cells was prepared by washing a sample of RBCs three times with physiological saline, followed by 1:4 dilution and lysis with distilled water.’
    • ‘We then pumped in cold saline to observe the effects on heartbeat as the temperature dropped 20 degrees; and we dripped in various physiological salines to determine whether or not they would stop the heart from beating altogether.’