Definition of physio in English:



  • 1A physiotherapist.

    ‘the cricket team physio’
    • ‘Just how many will do that remains to be seen and if the response is low then we will end up with fewer doctors, dentists, vets, physios etc than ever before.’
    • ‘From the doctors and physios to the coaching team, that does not change.’
    • ‘The kind of resources that he envies, the bigger team of physios, the technical analysis, the private medical services, these all cost.’
    • ‘Speaking to branch delegates in Castlebar, Mr O'Dea said recruitment of physios and speech therapists had been very difficult.’
    • ‘This morning on The Health Report, physios have their say about bad backs; as opposed to what a researcher said last week on the show, they argue that the evidence is that physiotherapy can make a difference.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Physiotherapy.
      ‘he'll need a bit of physio when the cast comes off’
      • ‘Every morning he has been receiving physio and massage.’
      • ‘Now, once you reach a certain standard, you get free physio and medical help, but I think that needs to go further down, even to people of a lower standard.’
      • ‘For someone like me who runs 100 miles a week massage and physio is essential but costly.’
      • ‘My speech and balance came back after I tried my hardest in physio and speech therapy sessions.’
      • ‘The Program, however, will provide Buck with medical insurance cover for possible scans and operations, as well as access to physio and massage treatment.’