Definition of physically in English:



  • 1In a manner relating to the body as opposed to the mind.

    ‘physically demanding work’
    ‘I found her physically attractive’
    • ‘The wealthy, physically buff, and orphaned British aristocrat lives for high adventure, scouring the globe for lost tombs and forgotten treasures.’
    • ‘There's nothing physically wrong with him.’
    • ‘The dingo physically resembles the pariah dog of India.’
    • ‘This was an extremely awkward time in her life, both physically and as an actress.’
    • ‘His transformation is startling, both emotionally and physically.’
    • ‘Their purpose may be better read as a contrast to the guests, both physically in terms of dress and appearance, and socially, in terms of education and decorum.’
    • ‘This overwhelming aesthetic anxiety in our culture may send people who are seen as physically different into an inferior role in society.’
    • ‘In his sickest film, a group of teenagers exploit and abuse the physically dysfunctional.’
    • ‘He is physically and financially depleted and at the mercy of health officials who treat him like a criminal.’
    • ‘He delivers a perfectly understated and physically nuanced performance as the 'other man' in the love triangle.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that involves bodily contact or activity.
      ‘he physically assaulted a colleague’
      • ‘He solves the murder and liberates the suspect by physically catching the villain.’
      • ‘I'd aim to complete eight reps on my own, which meant pushing until I physically could not budge the weight another inch.’
      • ‘She was abandoned by her mother at birth and physically abused by her grandfather.’
      • ‘The next thing she remembers, her teenage son appeared at the door, physically pried her away, and helped her home.’
      • ‘Elders suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other cognitive impairments can sometimes physically strike out at a worker.’
      • ‘The monks were inhumanly strong and physically unstoppable.’
      • ‘You can only participate in this collective act by physically standing in the exact place others have stood.’
      • ‘The person isn't constrained by what he can physically carry.’
      • ‘Historically, when seekers could not physically go on such journeys, there were simulated pilgrimages close to home.’
      • ‘He was physically beaten for refusing to follow orders.’
  • 2In a way that relates to the real world and things perceived through the senses as opposed to the mind.

    ‘cyberspace is a virtual place; it does not physically exist’
    • ‘It does not matter whether those stars physically exist or not.’
    • ‘An object has no meaning unless we can prove that it once existed physically.’
    • ‘What you describe is an isotropic antenna, which exists only in theory and cannot exist physically.’
    • ‘The coin doesn't exist physically—it is a virtual currency that exists only as a computer file.’
    • ‘Those statements that refer to the physically real do not founder on any univocal coordinate transformation.’
    • ‘If you take Alfred away from Bruce Wayne, Batman still exists physically but not mentally.’
    • ‘How could we exist physically in the mind of God?’
    • ‘The federal government is going to build 50 exchanges, using a data hub that doesn't exist physically.’
    • ‘This is a translation of the idea, the creation of a metaphor for something that does not exist physically.’
    • ‘What is the difference between what exists physically and what is experienced mentally, and how is this difference known and accounted for?’
    1. 2.1 In terms of what is possible in the real world.
      ‘it is physically impossible to check every car’
      • ‘The reproducibility of land was physically improbable and entailed prohibitively high marginal costs in all but exceptional circumstances.’
      • ‘The dancer who jumps highest, turns fastest, or splits legs into the most physically improbable position is the best.’
      • ‘The perpetual use of opiates is almost impossible physically.’
      • ‘The students are charged with ascertaining whether a particular legend is even medically or physically possible.’
      • ‘This would push the limits of what is possible physically, technically, and operationally.’
      • ‘In his peer review, he considered that this process was physically unlikely in dewatered shales.’
      • ‘A physically unlikely but formally rational connection can be made, joining an assembly of body parts into a single image.’
      • ‘He said such mind-over-matter theories have nothing to do with why fire-walking is physically possible.’
      • ‘Is it possible physically to be handcuffed behind your back and somehow pull the trigger on a gun you weren't holding when you were handcuffed?’
      • ‘Apparently, some people do a lot of research into whether or not some of the things they try to do are physically possible.’