Definition of physical education in English:

physical education


mass noun
  • Instruction in physical exercise and games, especially in schools.

    • ‘In physical education, pupils had the chance to take part in 16 different sports and ended up winning regional and local trophies.’
    • ‘Her aim is to find a university to study physical education and teaching once she has taken her exams at the end of this year.’
    • ‘So I suggest certain measures to make physical education more effective.’
    • ‘Now you might have heard a program we did on The Sports Factor towards the end of last year about children and physical education.’
    • ‘One noted expert on physical education claims that high-school athletes have the backing of both parents and coaches for steroid use.’
    • ‘Even physical education for merely normal students is being cut back, eliminated.’
    • ‘Born in Canada, he grew up in New Mexico and majored, as he mentioned at his trial, in physical education.’
    • ‘After the Olympics he plans to go back to Sage Hill to teach physical education and art.’
    • ‘The physical education that the women had was very tough and grueling.’
    • ‘Teachers are under great loads in all areas of the curriculum, and I think physical education needs to move forward.’
    • ‘He became a student of physical education and exercise science at California State University in Chico, near Los Angeles.’
    • ‘A further important aspect of the school and national curriculum is physical education, sports and games.’
    • ‘I think one of the fatal mistakes that a number of States have made is actually to separate physical education from sport.’
    • ‘Aine runs the after-school club at St Colman's PS where physical education is the name of the game.’
    • ‘It recognises their efforts to promote physical education and sporting excellence in the school and the wider community.’
    • ‘At the same time budget cuts for physical education mean that pupils have less opportunities for exercise.’
    • ‘They were integrated for subjects such as physical education and music.’
    • ‘As I say, Maths and English we support being compulsory and physical education should be no different.’
    • ‘The Yorkshire Post has now been campaigning for over two years to raise the profile of physical education in state school timetables.’
    • ‘For her first 10 years on the job, Ruley coached basketball and taught physical education.’


physical education