Definition of phyllotactic in English:



  • See phyllotaxis

    • ‘Although the direction of phyllotaxis appears to be random in many plants, there is some evidence for a genotypic component of consistent phyllotactic bias in some species of Tifolieae.’
    • ‘Counting ribs and phyllotactic spirals was easy and accurate, so that should have introduced little error.’
    • ‘For example, in the case of sho mutants, the predominance of a distichous phyllotactic pattern is not recognizable by visual observation of the schematic alignment of primordia.’
    • ‘It is interesting to note that there is no discontinuity in the phyllotactic pattern of the flowers between the different zones of the inflorescence.’
    • ‘The sympodia are arranged more or less parallel to the stem axis and follow the phyllotactic spirals of the leaves.’