Definition of phwoah in English:


(also phwoar)


  • Used to express sexual desire.

    • ‘As we headed to the taxi, Gareth defo got cruised by cute guy in denim (phwoah!)’
    • ‘He had got rid of his dreamy curls… and looked even more… edible… phwoah!’
    • ‘Then I went to Lunsford Park Tescos, where I cruised a Tesco ‘colleague’ and scared another by staring at him intently, with tongue hanging out as he was the cutest bloke I have seen so far this year… phwoah!’
    • ‘It could be the single of summer - that's for you to decide but one thing's for sure, they don't get much better than this trailer track from Pearl's forthcoming album - a positive Factor 10 on the phwoah scale.’
    • ‘After work Gareth and Rhianne came and picked me up and we went to Cineworld and saw Terminator 3 (phwoah Arnie… mmm…).’


1980s: imitative.