Definition of phototrophic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfəʊtə(ʊ)trəʊfɪk//ˈfəʊtə(ʊ)trɒfɪk/


  • (of an organism) obtaining energy from sunlight to synthesize organic compounds for nutrition.

    • ‘We have argued that more than the alga's, it is the host's metabolism that has had to adjust to the conditions of phototrophic endosymbiosis.’
    • ‘By contrast, no linkage was detected in crosses with the five class II mutant strains since phototrophic recombinants were recovered at high frequency.’
    • ‘Overall, the results stress the importance of both heterotrophic and phototrophic metabolisms when considering environmental controls on the structure of bacterial communities in the sea.’
    • ‘The high nutrient demands of microbial degradation imply furthermore a competition for nutrients between heterotrophic degradative and phototrophic productive processes.’
    • ‘Synthesis of the full spectrum of flavour precursors may resume if the callus is allowed to redifferentiate or regain a capacity for phototrophic metabolism.’