Definition of phototactic in English:



  • See phototaxis

    • ‘Nurses and foragers also differ in phototactic behaviour where nurses are negatively phototactic (avoid light) and foragers are positively phototactic (attracted to light).’
    • ‘These unicellular photoreceptors contain both the putative photosensory microvilli and the shielding pigment granules within the same cell, which also carries a motor cilium that enables the larva to show phototactic behavior.’
    • ‘Lebert and Hader observed a curious phototactic phenomenon in eyeless mutants of Euglena, i.e. it swam perpendicularly with respect to the incident light, namely, diaphototaxis.’
    • ‘From a screen of 18,500 mutagenized flies, 171 phototactic mutants were recovered of which 15 appear to be specifically defective in synaptic transmission on the basis of the results of electroretinogram recordings.’
    • ‘Most unicellular flagellate algae are phototactic, i.e., capable of orientation with respect to the direction of light.’