Definition of photostat in English:



  • 1A type of machine for making photocopies on special paper.

    • ‘The block which housed office equipment, photostat and fax machine, typewriters, a book depositor which stored text-books and stationery, furniture, science kit and other valuable equipment was burned to the ground.’
    • ‘What appeared to be the ink drum of a broken photostat machine rolled across the floor and glass crunched underfoot as Sizani and his entourage stepped over pieces of overhead projectors.’
    • ‘It was certainly not a typewriter, let alone a photostat machine.’
    1. 1.1 A copy made by a photostat.
      • ‘I can only invite readers to write in their queries and I will do my best to answer, possibly by photostats from some better informed writers.’
      • ‘The first bootleg fake books, photostat collections of Tune-Dex cards, were published in 1949.’
      • ‘Later, he dispensed with objects and photographs and concentrated on language itself, enlarging words and their dictionary definitions in black-and-white photostats.’
      • ‘But for the front cover, the head of his Superman figure was replaced with an old Curt Swan photostat.’
      • ‘It is a matter of speculation who it was that obtained the draft advice or a photostat of it.’
      • ‘At one point, a character in 2085 wants to look up a newspaper article from 1938; she calls the operator and has a photostat in her hands within a few minutes.’
      • ‘He caught a glimpse of the heading on the photostat in her hand, still moist from the wall-receiver: Ministry of Population.’
      • ‘He was in and out making photostats and checking details on a computer in another office for each party.’
      • ‘The photostats are monochrome, of course, and the figures seem to float in a kind of brown twilight.’
      • ‘Trajectory series consists of collaged photostats onto which Unite has worked with a variety of media, predominantly charcoal.’
      • ‘Moreover, this player lent Nicky his driving-licence, and Nicky enclosed a photostat of it to back up his story.’
      • ‘The print on some of the photostat and carbon copy sheets has faded and these items are particularly flimsy.’
      • ‘On receipt of this letter I wrote to Dr. Bhagavantham, enclosing a photostat copy of Mr. Shoji Hattori's letter.’
      • ‘She sent photostats of it to young Jewish scholars who had loved her.’
      • ‘Exhibit 1, a photostat of these items, indicates that these are the items found in the garage.’
      copy, reproduction, duplicate, photocopy, mimeograph, mimeo, replica, likeness, carbon, carbon copy, print, reprint, offprint, image
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[with object]
  • Copy (a document) with a photostat.

    ‘he refused to let me photostat the book’
    • ‘Anyone caught copying a DVD, distributing software to aid in the copying of DVDs, or photostatting the label on a DVD will be hanged by their thumbs and forced to watch Britney Spears videos.’
    • ‘The book twice quotes Dan Rather's embarrassingly over-conclusory statement in the late hours of election night: ‘Sip it, savor it, cup it, photostat it, underline it in red, press it in a book, put it in an album, hang it on the wall.’’
    • ‘If it's an article then we just photostat it and send it to the library.’
    • ‘So, I decided to photostat it with correct dates, but I didn't think the school would accept that.’
    copying, duplication, duplicating, replication, replicating
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