Definition of photoperiodism in English:



mass nounBotany Zoology
  • The response of an organism to seasonal changes in day length.

    • ‘Cryptochromes are pigmented photoreceptors that are involved in blue-light mediated photomorphogenesis and photoperiodism in plants.’
    • ‘Sensitivity to the timing of light and darkness, termed photoperiodism, involves the integration of temporal information, provided by the circadian oscillator, with light/dark discrimination provided by specific photoreceptors.’
    • ‘The three men formed an informal team to find the substance that controls photoperiodism.’
    • ‘When it comes to flowering, photoperiodism is by no means the only game in town.’
    • ‘Colored mulch research can be traced to historic USDA studies dating back to 1918 that led to the discovery of photoperiodism.’