Definition of photoperiodic in English:



Botany Zoology
  • See photoperiod

    • ‘Leaves communicate photoperiodic signals to meristems, stolons and buds in flowering, tuberization and dormancy.’
    • ‘To expose gametophytes to particular photoperiodic conditions, the bagged Petri plates were placed in a light-tight box over which was installed the fluorescent source.’
    • ‘Within species that show latitudinal variation in both thermal and photoperiodic response, that of photoperiodic response tracks the climatic gradient more closely.’
    • ‘It was assumed that factors that are under photoperiodic control would show a clinal order among the ecotypes.’
    • ‘Some songbirds modify their sensitivity to the usual photoperiodic cues that control breeding onset, such that photoperiod response thresholds differ between populations at different latitudes.’