Definition of photomural in English:



  • A mural consisting of a single enlarged photograph or a collection of photographs.

    ‘a dramatic photomural of the excavation opens the exhibition’
    • ‘By using photomurals to suggest the larger nomadic camp within the diorama, we could explore how gendered work organizes domestic life.’
    • ‘She outlined the historical lineage of the photomurals of the Spanish pavilion at the 1937 World's Fair in Paris.’
    • ‘For example, large color photomurals ringing the top of the Work in Africa gallery show people engaged in a wide variety of contemporary occupations, from manufacturing to mining, from classroom teaching to dentistry.’
    • ‘In a photomural at the end of a back alleyway, a louche fellow in a raincoat could be seen, intensifying a sense of verisimilitude.’
    • ‘The photomural just as inexplicably disappeared the next day.’
    • ‘They invited visitors to pose for Polaroids against a photomural of a ski chalet, on a set equipped with skis and covered with artificial snow.’
    • ‘The large didactic labels and text panels, photographs, and photomurals greatly increased one's understanding of the contexts of the objects on display.’
    • ‘On view in the front room were the photomurals, which the artist refers to as ‘male jokes,’ each showing a snapshot of powerful white male politicians or entertainers with the printed wisecracks.’
    • ‘Dissatisfied with the impact of mannequins, Homberger experimented with mounting works in front of a photomural depicting a crowd of jostling masqueraders from the Cameroon Grasslands.’
    • ‘Creating meticulously staged photomurals, he attempts to document the ‘hazy, bizarre boundary between boyhood and manhood.’’