Definition of photomultiplier in English:



  • An instrument containing a photoelectric cell and a series of electrodes, used to detect and amplify the light from very faint sources.

    • ‘Samples were also simultaneously imaged using the secondary electrons that were detected by a photomultiplier.’
    • ‘Spectra are corrected for the wavelength dependence of the emission monochromator and the photomultiplier and also by subtracting background intensities of the buffer solution.’
    • ‘The reflected fluorescence was detected via photomultipliers.’
    • ‘With Pica, a photomultiplier detects the emitted photons but, because of the small number produced during switching, multiple passes have to be used to build up a picture of circuit activity.’
    • ‘After collection of the emitted photons on a photomultiplier, the signal is digitized with a numerical oscilloscope.’