Definition of photomicrograph in English:



  • A photograph of a microscopic object, taken with the aid of a microscope.

    • ‘Quite simply the author has, wherever applicable, gone to the effort of creating lucid diagrams in concert with detailed histologic and electron microscopic photomicrographs to illustrate key concepts.’
    • ‘An extensive number of photographs go with each gross description, followed by mostly color photomicrographs and often electron photomicrographs as well.’
    • ‘Throughout his career, Julie was an innovator, contributing to improvements in photomicrographs and the microscopes, cameras, and film that produced them.’
    • ‘I use a photographic filtered lamp assembly with a trinocular microscope for photomicrographs of specimens.’
    • ‘The increased use of color has enhanced many of the gross and microscopic photomicrographs, in particular the immunohistochemical stains.’