Definition of photomechanical in English:



  • Relating to or denoting processes in which photography is involved in the making of a printing plate.

    • ‘He has also made a study of human vision and how it relates to reproducible color in photography and photomechanical reproduction.’
    • ‘It wasn't a matter of being similar; someone had simply, through a photomechanical process, reproduced the exact work on the tee shirt.’
    • ‘Originally he worked in black-and-white, but he adapted well to the photomechanical colour processes that came in at the end of the 19th century and was one of the pioneers of the full-colour picture book for children.’
    • ‘Beginning in the late 1890s, the new photomechanical process of halftone printing contributed to an astounding growth of illustrated mass-market newspapers and magazines.’
    • ‘A knowledgeable bibliophile, he also assembled a collection of books utilizing various photomechanical processes that he eventually sold to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.’
    • ‘One was the capacity for inexpensive photomechanical reproduction.’
    • ‘A photomechanical or digital process is used to re-create the image, which is run on a high-speed, automated press.’
    • ‘Surveying his New York City apartment, the author turns the acquisition of a piece of furniture into an occasion for some personal speculation on collecting, class, taste, photomechanical reproduction and the nature of democracy.’
    • ‘Photomechanical reproductions are photographs that are printed in ink from plates produced by a bewildering variety of photomechanical, photochemical and photogalvanic means.’
    • ‘And when working on silkscreens, Close insisted on creating the stenciled image by hand rather than by the photomechanical process commonly used.’