Definition of photojournalist in English:



  • A journalist who communicates news by photographs.

    ‘a photojournalist with a knack for capturing the decisive moment’
    • ‘Videographers, like photojournalists, must also give consideration to end users of their work.’
    • ‘He started his career as a photojournalist in Rome.’
    • ‘Here the photojournalists themselves have come to share some of the artists' suspicions of visual journalism, without yet being able to offer an alternative.’
    • ‘The London-born photojournalist was tired of her job with the Baltimore Sun.’
    • ‘Professionals photojournalists concern themselves with authenticity daily, and that is the reason for his comments.’
    • ‘He portrays a freelance assassin and grisly photojournalist.’
    • ‘The picture speaks of the artistic ambitions of the photojournalist.’
    • ‘The legendary photojournalist died on Tuesday at his home in the South of France.’
    • ‘Presenting work by photojournalists on museum walls is nothing terribly new.’
    • ‘Try to think like a photojournalist who thinks in advance about the images wanted.’