Definition of photogeological in English:



  • See photogeology

    • ‘The base of the member is placed at the west side of Praltos Point at the base of a thick sandstone, but is defined on photogeological features by Aldiss & Edwards.’
    • ‘The authors are deeply indebted to A. Asioli and E. Fornaciari, University of Padova, for biostratigraphic analysis of some samples, and to M. Sgavetti, University of Parma, for photogeological analysis.’
    • ‘In addition, methods of photogeological interpretation that had been developed by oil companies were now being adopted more generally.’
    • ‘The ‘Chandrayaan - 1’ would place a spacecraft weighing about 525 kg around 100 km orbit of the Moon and enable high resolution chemical, mineralogical and photogeological mapping of the lunar surface.’