Definition of photoessay in English:



  • An account of something told predominantly through photographs, with some accompanying text.

    ‘the magazine featured a photoessay in which models were made to resemble the great stars of earlier decades’
    • ‘Through his photoessay titled ‘1 + 1 = 8’ he plays with various cultural mythologies: a serene Frida leans against a solemn Christ, John and Yoko mimic Adam and Eve and the outlaw Ned Kelly poses as Picasso.’
    • ‘Buffalo are the subject of their photoessay in this issue.’
    • ‘As a Boing Boing reader comments on this photoessay of Disney's California Adventure Theme Park: ‘lookit how deserted this place seems to be not too long after the opening of the major ride.’’
    • ‘They actually have a photoessay titled Anatomy of Quagmire.’
    • ‘By 1992, he had taken the decision to work exclusively in black-and-white on photoessays of his choice.’
    • ‘Dykinga, left, also photographs places for beauty's sake alone, as was the case with his photoessay on big-tooth maples and other flora in southeastern Arizona.’
    • ‘Bass is the co-author (with Karen Pugh) of a photoessay book celebrating the African American family and community traditions that will be published next year by Running Press.’
    • ‘I'll most likely throw a bunch of them into a photoessay this week - it's been a while since I've done that.’
    • ‘But when I climbed Mount Rainier in pursuit of a photoessay about a middle-aged man's attempt to fulfill his dream, a new way of seeing opened up to me.’
    • ‘Ok, forget the cryptic photoessay from DJ's party.’
    • ‘Commute is an atmospheric photoessay depicting the journey into New York City.’
    • ‘VanderLans' dreamlike photoessays and designs are amongst the finest contemporary investigations into the relationships between music and place, and Joshua Tree is simply stunning.’
    • ‘And photoessays such as this one could have been included in Camp.’
    • ‘Reader Joe Max was generous, patient and artful enough to take my photoessay of ‘Us and Them’ and set it to music with a few embellishments of his own.’
    • ‘Judge Martin Parr is well known for his distinctive documentary style of photography, which is particularly recognisable in his book Think of England (an affectionately satirical photoessay on modern England).’
    • ‘The entry below has been turned into a photoessay.’
    • ‘I have a photoessay on my trip to see the Millau viaduct over at Samizdata.’
    • ‘Among his projects have been photoessays on Indian tigers and central African gorillas, commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature.’