Definition of photoelectron in English:



  • An electron emitted from an atom by interaction with a photon, especially an electron emitted from a solid surface by the action of light.

    as modifier ‘photoelectron spectroscopy’
    • ‘By measuring the emission time of the photoelectrons using the streak method, we have been able to determine both the duration and the chirp of the sub-femtosecond x-ray pulse.’
    • ‘Above the photoelectric threshold, photoelectrons are emitted in proportion to the intensity of incident light.’
    • ‘If they receive a second exposure with a low intensity light, developer anions adsorbed to the surface sensitivity centers effectively repel the photoelectrons so that surface latent image specks cannot form.’
    • ‘The other perplexing fact was that the photoelectrons seemed to be emitted instantaneously when the light was turned on.’
    • ‘Equally important is the suppression of photoelectrons produced by scattered photons.’