Definition of photocopy in English:



  • A photographic copy of printed or written material produced by a process involving the action of light on a specially prepared surface.

    • ‘But there are also stories of students who run errands, make photocopies and play computer games, only to later pad their resumes.’
    • ‘No photocopy or pictures of the statement were allowed.’
    • ‘When you have some color schemes in mind, a great way to test things out is to sketch or photograph your house, then make several black and white photocopies of the picture or drawing.’
    • ‘The pictures are grainy photocopies of photos included in a confidential French investigation into the Paris car crash.’
    • ‘I like to read from a print but a photocopy, scan or photograph is the second best; of course, face to face is best!’
    • ‘Send one set of original illustrations and photographs and two sets of photocopies; artwork will not be returned after publication.’
    • ‘We make a huge act of faith when we look at some photocopies of materials attached to written submissions, and do not actually look for legislation ourselves.’
    • ‘Use archival copy paper to make lasting photocopies of your original photos and keepsakes.’
    • ‘The creases in the photo are because this is a colour photocopy of the one original copy which we all clubbed together to buy.’
    • ‘I have recently come across a photocopy of the epitaph written on the grave of my uncle, John Agar.’
    • ‘Chinese military music played softly in the background, and black-and-white photocopies of the actual images from which the sculptures were made littered the floor.’
    • ‘They have cheap photocopies and printing, water, a free exambank, a microwave, a toaster, signups for sports teams and grad photos and, of course, good conversation.’
    • ‘The library provided 6,866 photographs and 51,211 photocopies of the material to its readers.’
    • ‘It was a photocopy of a letter written in curvy handwriting on lined paper.’
    • ‘Other teachers may prefer to matte the prints for wall display and place photocopies of the notes beside them for students to read.’
    • ‘Making application forms anonymous proved difficult and required a photocopy of already copied applications, with a further reduction in legibility of some forms.’
    • ‘She made the images by arranging these items on a color photocopier, making copies of them and then photographing the photocopies.’
    • ‘So after about 2 more hours, I handed in the newspaper with my ad, my photos and my photocopy of ID.’
    • ‘Once, a patron came in with a photocopy of a newspaper photo that appeared in one of the two main papers when his grandfather was four years old.’
    • ‘They didn't seem to think that faxed copies, or posted photocopies would count, except they only said that after they asked for them.’
    reproduction, copy, mimeograph, mimeo, facsimile, fax, duplicate
    xerox, photostat
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  • Make a photocopy of.

    ‘you can photocopy the entry form’
    • ‘Not him; he photocopied it with all the boxes pre-ticked.’
    • ‘So if I ever get around to photocopying them and bringing them around to places, you might see that in print.’
    • ‘Companies have been urged to make sure their staff do not injure themselves at office Christmas parties by dancing on desks or photocopying themselves.’
    • ‘So, photocopying a page out of a book makes the words no longer the property of the author?’
    • ‘Kazza is now in charge of photocopying a daily report for some of our staff.’
    • ‘Assisted by the Ford Foundation, I photocopied mountains of Congress papers.’
    • ‘I came home after photocopying the exams for the kids next week, and went straight to sleep.’
    • ‘To date, printed scores have been strictly protected; photocopying them is illegal.’
    • ‘Hofmann made his version by photocopying an old Bible and getting a printshop to make a set of typefaces for him.’
    • ‘The cost of photocopying a book is substantially lower than having to buy one.’
    • ‘Anyone can drum up 250 objections simply by photocopying the standard objection letter.’
    • ‘I typed out a letter on headed note paper, photocopied it 30 times and as a good clubman paid for the postage myself and sent them off.’
    • ‘The funeral service was such a big event that many people had to stand in the aisles and 150 extra orders of service had to be photocopied.’
    • ‘So the Listener could sue you for photocopying this article and trying to sell the copy, but it can't prevent you writing about it in your own words.’
    • ‘You don't even see people photocopying their body parts anymore.’
    • ‘We then went on to discuss wether photocopying pages of crochet books was a sin, and would she go to hell for it?’
    • ‘Filesharing is the equivalent of someone buying a book, photocopying it and distributing it to strangers on the street.’
    • ‘Cllr Catterall flew to Kansas and visited the Dwight D Eisenhower Library in Abilene and photocopied every letter.’
    • ‘I can also return that book for store credit without the bookstore accusing me of photocopying the book at home.’
    • ‘It's to make up for the tons of paper we use up photocopying the thousands of pages' worth of readings he assigns.’
    copy, mimeograph, mimeo, xerox, photostat, fax, duplicate, reproduce, make a xerox of
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