Definition of photoconductive in English:



  • See photoconductivity

    • ‘In his Astoria (N.Y.) lab on Oct. 22, 1938, he took a photoconductive zinc plate and rubbed it with a handkerchief to produce a positive charge.’
    • ‘An electrophotographic photoconductor has an electroconductive support and a photoconductive layer formed thereon containing the above-mentioned aromatic block polycarbonate resin.’
    • ‘Closely related to the photoelectric effect is the photoconductive effect which is the increase in electrical conductivity of certain nonmetallic materials such as cadmium sulfide when exposed to light.’
    • ‘On the photon-detector side are photoconductive, photovoltaic, and electromagnetic detectors.’
    • ‘During a scan, reflected IR light is picked up through the fiber and is detected by an MCT photoconductive detector.’