Definition of photochemical smog in English:

photochemical smog


mass noun
  • Haze in the atmosphere accompanied by high levels of ozone and nitrogen oxides, caused by the action of sunlight on pollutants.

    • ‘One project they have planned is the ultra-sensitive detection of short-lived atmospheric species that control photochemical smog formation.’
    • ‘In sunny, still weather we actually get photochemical smog in York - and each speed bump is adding its own contribution.’
    • ‘Ozone at ground level can be manufactured as part of photochemical smog.’
    • ‘Nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and unburned hydrocarbons are the main exhaust pollutants and they are involved in the production of damaging photochemical smog.’
    • ‘In summer the city suffers high levels of photochemical smog, and in winter high levels of haze are common.’