Definition of photocatalytic in English:



  • See photocatalysis

    • ‘The result of several years' research, the product incorporates a proprietary dual-action coating, using hydrophilic and photocatalytic properties to eliminate water and organic and inorganic deposits from the surface of the glass.’
    • ‘This layer functions in two ways: having both photocatalytic and hydrophilic effects.’
    • ‘The coating is hydrophilic and photocatalytic; i.e., it causes rainwater to sheet on the surface and it oxidizes dirt and organic deposits, breaking their adherence to the glass.’
    • ‘The resulting porphyrin nanotubes have ‘interesting electronic and optical properties such as an intense resonance light scattering ability and photocatalytic activity.’’
    • ‘The new Pilkington Activ glass is photocatalytic which means UV rays react chemically with dirt and organic deposits such as bird lime, breaking them down and loosening them from the surface of the glass.’