Definition of phosphorylate in English:



[with object]Biochemistry
  • Introduce a phosphate group into (a molecule or compound)

    ‘glucose is normally phosphorylated as soon as it enters the cell’
    • ‘In general, protein kinases are enzymes that phosphorylate proteins, which then become activated.’
    • ‘This flavoprotein is a serine-threonine protein kinase able to phosphorylate its serine and threonine residues.’
    • ‘These kinases have various substrates and have been shown to phosphorylate such diverse proteins as transcription factors, metabolic enzymes, ion pumps and cytoskeletal components.’
    • ‘First, it phosphorylates glycogen synthase, an enzyme that binds glucoses into the storage molecule, glycogen.’
    • ‘Following sucrose cleavage by invertase, the liberated glucose and fructose are phosphorylated before undergoing further metabolism.’