Definition of phosphoryl in English:



  • 1as modifier Denoting the trivalent group ≡PO.

    • ‘In PKA, the triad has been implicated in binding the metal ion that coordinates the ß- and phosphoryl oxygens of the ATP used as a phosphate donor.’
    • ‘The association of the peptide amide hydrogens with the lipid phosphoryl oxygens was also investigated in order to find out if there was any possibility of long-term hydrogen bonding between these atoms.’
    • ‘This ordering can be explained by the orientational behavior of water molecules around phosphoryl groups.’
    • ‘Signal transduction by these systems usually involves autophosphorylation of a histidine kinase on a conserved histidine residue and subsequent transfer of the phosphoryl group to a conserved aspartate on a receiver domain.’
    • ‘The change in activity of the output domain is brought about through the reversible transfer of phosphoryl groups to the invariant aspartate residues at the receiver domain.’
    1. 1.1Biochemistry Denoting the monovalent phosphate group —PO(OH)₂.
      • ‘In addition, monovalent cations may, along with Mg2+ ions and surrounding residues of the protein, help orient the 1-phosphoryl group so as to achieve the optimal position required for catalysis.’
      • ‘It explains the method of claim 2 in which the monovalent group comprises a phosphoryl group.’


Late 19th century: from phosphorus + -yl.