Definition of phosphorite in English:



mass noun
  • A sedimentary rock containing a high proportion of calcium phosphate.

    • ‘Then, in 1987, the ‘Phosphorite War’ broke out when Soviet plans to extract northeast Estonia's large deposits of phosphorite galvanized opposition throughout the country.’
    • ‘The phosphorite marks the base of the Roberts Mountains Formation at this locality.’
    • ‘Under such conditions biogenic carbonate may be replaced by phosphorite (as off the coast of South Africa beneath the Benguela Current).’
    • ‘Fossiliferous, thin marine shales, associated with biochemical precipitates such as glauconite and phosphorite, are common in transgressive systems tracts.’
    • ‘The late Neoproterozoic Doushantuo Formation in South China contains several exceptionally preserved biotas in its cherts, phosphorites, and black shales.’


Late 18th century: from phosphorus + -ite.