Definition of phosphoprotein in English:



  • A protein that contains phosphorus (other than in a nucleic acid or a phospholipid).

    • ‘In particular, work on vesicular stomatitis viruses has shown that the phosphoprotein, or P protein, interacts directly with the polymerase and nucleoproteins and plays a role in transcription and replication.’
    • ‘In an in vitro assay system using a recombinant SRK protein, the authors observed that SRK protein could interact with several phosphoproteins extracted from stigma cells (data not shown).’
    • ‘Next we examine how multisite phosphorylation of key phosphoproteins in the various feedback loops influence dynamical behaviors using the random parameter search method.’
    • ‘This phosphoprotein is regulated post-translationally by reversible phosphorylation catalysed by a protein kinase and a microcystin-sensitive serine/threonine protein phosphatase.’
    • ‘The wild-type P53 protein is a nuclear phosphoprotein coded by the P53 tumor-suppressor gene.’