Definition of phosphocreatine in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • A phosphate ester of creatine found in vertebrate muscle, where it serves to store phosphates to provide energy for muscular contraction.

    • ‘Muscle phosphocreatine, an energy storage molecule, is formed in a series of steps involving the pancreas, kidneys, small intestines, and the liver.’
    • ‘During maximal intensity sprint swimming, the anaerobic breakdown of phosphocreatine and glycogen in muscles provides energy at rates many times greater than can be supplied by the aerobic breakdown of carbohydrate and fat.’
    • ‘It does so by increasing the amount of phosphocreatine stored within muscle, which draws extra water into the muscle cells for a bigger pump by a force called osmosis.’
    • ‘Creatine is the wonder supplement that increases muscle levels of phosphocreatine, a vital source of energy during weight training.’
    • ‘In tissues that have rapidly varying energy requirements, such as muscles and neurons, phosphocreatine serves as a crucial source for high-energy phosphate groups.’