Definition of phoretic in English:



  • See phoresy

    • ‘Emergence occurs after a stylopized wasp (containing a gravid female X. vesparum) alights on flowers, and subsequent transport of first instars to the nest is phoretic, via a foraging wasp.’
    • ‘Interspecific competitors include other beetles (chiefly Scolytidae, Buprestidae, and Cerambycidae) and phoretic microorganisms.’
    • ‘The most abundant acari was the phoretic glycyphagid mite, Orycteroxenus soricis, followed by the parasitic listrophorid mite, Asiochirus blarina.’
    • ‘Factors that might affect O. minus abundance and growth include phloem chemistry, temperature, relative humidity, and the abundance of Tarsonemus mites that are phoretic on D. frontalis adults and act as vectors of O. minus spores.’