Definition of phonologist in English:



  • See phonology

    • ‘I don't know any working phonologists today who think that morphologically-conditioned (or otherwise ‘irregular’) sound patterns are ipso facto distinct in every way from perfectly transparent ones.’
    • ‘He was not just a great linguist - phonologist, grammarian, semanticist, and polyglot - but a musician, musicologist, Orientalist, and gourmet (he wrote a book called The Eater's Guide to Chinese Characters); and a wonderful humorist.’
    • ‘Within the mere week or so since I started slowly spreading the word, a few interesting contributions have already been posted (from phonologists other than me).’
    • ‘I'm also oversimplifying, but that's okay, because I'm not a phonologist or a phonetician.’
    • ‘Though more study is needed… I'm a big fan of the scientific method, but this reminds me of a spoof term paper I once wrote, many years ago, after having read one too many phonetics articles debunking the perceptions of phonologists.’