Definition of phonographic in English:



  • See phonograph

    • ‘The jury of Germany's phonographic award, the Deutscher Schallplattenpreis, recently honoured Suzuki's team for the 27th sequel of its recordings all of Bach's cantatas.’
    • ‘Thus, with authorization from a Colonel Átila, whom he had to ask permission to leave town, Chico left Brazil in January and attended a large trade show for the phonographic industry held in Europe.’
    • ‘A phonographic record attached to the probe contains images, natural sounds and music from Earth.’
    • ‘Iap warned in a report presented at the seminar that the country's film-making industry and phonographic industry are declining rapidly and that his office is trying to reverse the trend by giving them aid and encouraging them to develop.’
    • ‘In 1912 Bartók noted that he had given nearly 1000 phonographic cylinders to the Ethnographic Museum in Budapest.’