Definition of phono in English:



  • 1Denoting a type of plug, and the corresponding socket, used with audio and video equipment, in which one conductor is cylindrical and the other is a central prong that extends beyond it.

    ‘phono sockets’
    • ‘This is sent via a standard phono plug to a time code reader, and the spoken text in English.’
    • ‘Because I wanted to be able to remove the DVD bracket out of the case on its own, I needed a method to disconnect the power cables; I choose some stereo phono plugs, and they will do the job.’
    • ‘In planning for it I have discovered that my amp has no phono input.’
    • ‘You can connect it to anything that makes a noise - television, hi-fi, MP3 player - and has a standard phono or scart socket.’
    • ‘All RCA, phono and mini-jack plugs must be secured and not just simply plugged in.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to a record player or turntable.
      ‘a phono preamp’


  • A record player or turntable.


1940s: abbreviation of phonograph.