Definition of phlox in English:



  • A North American plant that typically has dense clusters of colourful scented flowers, widely grown as an alpine or border plant.

    Genus Phlox, family Polemoniaceae

    • ‘This year, I cut it back to the ground in early spring, and it responded by towering above my summer phlox, even challenging the clematis Henryii growing on a neighboring trellis.’
    • ‘Primula foliage is still as crisp as lettuce, the creeping phlox looks as good as new, and so does the evergreen candytuft.’
    • ‘I planted tall perennial phlox and purple coneflowers behind the Jupiter's-beard to provide color and nectar in July and August.’
    • ‘If you pick perennial plants, like the alpine phlox or gazania, then you can divide them and propagate them throughout the border.’
    • ‘The combination of pink and yellow irritated me the whole time they were flowering; I have been eagerly awaiting cooler, wetter weather so that I can move the phlox to another border where their bright flowers will blend in more easily.’
    • ‘The excised design of stems and foliage is glazed with a rich green and blue, while the phlox flowers at the top and lower sides of the panels have a pale ocher glaze.’
    • ‘Set out transplants of campanula, candytuft, catmint, coreopsis, delphinium, dianthus, foxglove, penstemon, phlox, salvia, and yarrow.’
    • ‘Plant phlox in a sunny spot where it isn't crowded by other plants.’
    • ‘It must have something to do with the good summer we've had - they arrived with the flowering of a large Buddleia, and have stayed on, feeding on golden rod, phlox, Echinacea, verbena, bergamot and aster.’
    • ‘Try poppies, cornflowers, stocks, love-in-a-mist, cosmos, mignonette, larkspur, honesty, ox-eye daisies, marigolds, phlox, sunflowers, zinnias - whatever takes your fancy.’
    • ‘Bright red salvias, phlox, anthurium and balsam flower in profusion in neat rows, and no wonder Thangam won the first prize for her garden.’
    • ‘This triggers the appearance of a number of wildflowers: trillium, phlox, trout lily, Dutchman's breeches, violets, wild strawberries and many more.’
    • ‘Geraniums, phloxes, eupatoriums and hemerocallis are split less often - perhaps every three to four years.’
    • ‘Even zinnias, phlox and snapdragons are at risk.’
    • ‘For red choose from annual phlox, celosia, dahlia, flowering tobacco, geranium, petunia, Salvia coccinea, or scarlet sage.’
    • ‘Nestled in the alpine tundra are countless dwarf plants with names like phlox, moss campion, and forget-me-not.’
    • ‘Among the other flowers in the 10,000-odd pots were dahlias, snapdragons, phlox and petunias.’
    • ‘The pretty pink of alpine phlox is an attractive border and the plants can be divided and planted again and again.’
    • ‘I had them all this summer - a ladybird poppy, lupin, phlox, busy Lizzie, begonia, fuchsia and foxglove and many, many more.’
    • ‘Creeping phlox, thyme and aubrietia grow between terrace stones, in typical English fashion, next to a creeping bent lawn.’


Modern Latin, from Latin, denoting a flame-coloured flower, from Greek, literally ‘flame’.