Definition of philosophically in English:



  • 1In a way that relates to the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.

    ‘philosophically, he was closer to Locke than to Rousseau’
    ‘these views are politically and philosophically unsound’
    • ‘She explains shifting intellectual perspectives with great clarity, both historically and philosophically.’
    • ‘They walk down the street musing philosophically about the meaning of basketball.’
    • ‘This competition was philosophically underpinned by the idea of a 'progressive memorial'.’
    • ‘It is remarkably disturbing, and philosophically challenging as well.’
    • ‘Exchanging freedom for security, self-expression for stability, strikes them as a generally good deal, however philosophically troubling.’
    • ‘His history, richly sourced, philosophically nuanced, thoughtfully written, can stand on its own.’
    • ‘The use of earth constitutes a visual and conceptual pun which is as satisfying to behold as it is philosophically meaningful.’
    • ‘The essay is both factually enlightening and philosophically thought-provoking.’
    • ‘Definitions by poll are neither scientifically nor philosophically defensible.’
    • ‘His analysis of concepts that play a key role in his theory—plasticity, space, and beauty—is illuminating and philosophically profound.’
  • 2In a way that shows a calm attitude towards disappointments or difficulties.

    ‘shrugging philosophically, the guards followed orders’
    • ‘He took it philosophically when he said, "I've had a pretty injury-free three year, so I suppose I was due one."’
    • ‘They took it philosophically, although one very senior figure in the ring told me that it was poor racing from their point of view.’
    • ‘Is this something we could philosophically go along with?’
    • ‘We took it philosophically—life is full of little surprises.’
    • ‘The faculty who were philosophically accepting of distance education did place a higher value on distance education.’
    • ‘It took me time to adjust and take it philosophically.’
    • ‘Occasionally entrance is denied, which is philosophically accepted as a rule, but he was outraged when they were turned away—twice.’
    • ‘What makes it worse is that we're all just philosophically accepting the crappy service.’
    • ‘An 18-point defeat in an earlier round had been philosophically accepted as 'one of those things'.’
    • ‘She has philosophically accepted the fact that there are several standards among which she must choose.’