Definition of philosophical analysis in English:

philosophical analysis


mass noun
  • The branch of philosophy that deals with the clarification of existing concepts and knowledge.

    • ‘Scientists cannot avoid making judgements about what is real and what is not, and philosophical analysis seeks to expose and clarify this process.’
    • ‘They are not problems for philosophical analysis of the ontology of institutional facts; they are real-life problems to be settled by judges and lawyers, and in the end perhaps by armies and political movements.’
    • ‘There is as yet no systematic historical or philosophical analysis of the question whether modern conservation biology should be viewed as an enterprise distinct from these earlier disciplines rather than as a development from them.’
    • ‘In sum, Thrasymachus' agenda is to assert two debunking theses, one about the effects of justice and one about the use of the term ‘justice’: his concern is less with philosophical analysis than sociology.’
    • ‘One does know a priori, by philosophical analysis, that if such an identity statement is true it is necessarily true.’