Definition of philatelist in English:



  • See philately

    • ‘As a tribute to the cinema hall, the first philatelic exhibition is on the ‘World Cinema’ collection of Mohan V. Raman, a film artiste and philatelist.’
    • ‘Philately has undergone a transformation over the years, as young philatelists are more keen on thematic stamps.’
    • ‘I found the idea that locals use stamps with the pictures of world champions to get their mail from Brazzaville to N'Djamena quite appealing, though the reality is that these stamps are published primarily for philatelists.’
    • ‘Some philatelists believe that postage stamp issuance is an important medium helping to define a country, and that the commercialization of the process cheapens this noble purpose.’
    • ‘Many philatelists have recorded history through their exhibits on such topics as ‘national leaders, birds, animals, sports, occupation, currency and important events.’’
    • ‘We understand that there are only 40 of these signed covers in existence, and most of them have already gone to novelty-hungry philatelists worldwide.’
    • ‘Selvedge is the extra blank paper that surrounds a pane of stamps and is considered an art form by philatelists.’
    • ‘Stamp collectors, known as philatelists, often specialize in certain areas one of which is ‘covers’, the actual envelope and stamp.’
    • ‘I just hope that philatelists can now enjoy the collection, especially the rare stamps.’
    • ‘For the growing tribe of philatelists in the city, stamp collection provides a window to the world with all the thrills and pleasures of an educative and fascinating hobby.’
    • ‘It is one of the most commonly collected artefacts, where its market worth is arbitrarily unhinged from its clearly marked original face value, in the philatelist's eye.’