Definition of pheromonal in English:



  • See pheromone

    • ‘Red-backed salamanders, Plethodon cinereus, use territorial advertisement in the form of agonistic displays and pheromonal scent marking as a mechanism for intraspecific interference competition.’
    • ‘Urine signals, excreted through nephropores located near the base of the antennae, are a likely source of pheromonal cues in decapods.’
    • ‘Many extant tetrapods communicate intraspecifically via a mixture of pheromonal and non-pheromonal cues.’
    • ‘Thus, females that attempted to avoid courtship (as predicted under the hypothesis of sexual conflict) might be able to do so by selecting sites with fewer pheromonal cues from males.’
    • ‘Interest in pheromonal effects in women has been aroused by McClintock's famous demonstration of influences of armpit compounds of donor women on cycle length of recipients.’