Definition of phenotypic in English:


(also phenotypical)


  • Relating to the observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.

    ‘breeding animals were selected for phenotypic traits such as size’
    • ‘In some cases, the position of the gene on a chromosome can affect the phenotypic outcome.’
    • ‘We chose unexposed siblings to provide phenotypic controls, a standard way of establishing acquired rather than inherited abnormalities.’
    • ‘Environmental factors can determine the phenotypic presentation of familial Alzheimer's disease.’
    • ‘Phenotypic testing was initially a laborious process involving multiple cultures of HIV.’
    • ‘Their television daughter shows no phenotypic signs of being biracial.’
    • ‘The test is based on phenotypical reversion to the wild-type red eye colour.’
    • ‘Physical intersexes are rare but do occur, and there are also cases in which chromosomal sex is different from phenotypical sex.’
    • ‘At the proximal level, attraction may be facilitated by phenotypic matching, a mechanism proposed to foster recognition of close kin.’
    • ‘Molecular heterogeneity for PKU results in wide phenotypic heterogeneity, which contributes to biochemical individuality.’
    • ‘The fact that phenotypic differentiation is most pronounced in male secondary sexual ornaments suggests a primary role for sexual selection.’