Definition of phenocopy in English:



  • An individual showing features characteristic of a genotype other than its own, but produced environmentally rather than genetically.

    • ‘Lymphocytes were suspended in the culture medium and stored in a plastic culture bottle for 18 h at 4°C to prevent phenocopies.’
    • ‘On the basis of these data and the observation that antisense expression of At4g29830 resulted in a phenocopy of the vip phenotype, we concluded that At4g29830 is the VIP3 gene.’
    • ‘Recently we and others have used double-stranded RNA interference to generate null phenocopies of specific genes in Drosophila.’
    • ‘While transposon mutagenesis involves elaborate PCR screening, RNAi generates only gene-specific phenocopies of loss-of-function mutations and does not always cause a true null phenotype.’
    • ‘RNA interference with maxillopedia double-stranded RNA results in phenocopies of mxp mutant phenotypes ranging from partial to complete transformations.’