Definition of phase velocity in English:

phase velocity


  • The speed of propagation of a sine wave or a sinusoidal component of a complex wave, equal to the product of its wavelength and frequency.

    • ‘Perhaps the reported observation, if confirmed, may reveal a hitherto unknown property of light: the apparently excessive speed might be something like phase velocity.’
    • ‘The speed of each frequency component is called phase velocity, while the packet's speed is called group velocity.’
    • ‘For example, the phase velocity of a wave packet is a pseudo process but the group velocity is a causal process; yet both licence reliable predictions.’
    • ‘Even when the phase velocity is faster than light, the group velocity should be slower.’
    • ‘Notice the light wave is still only propagating at c, the phase velocity of the wave, however, may travel less, or even greater than at the speed of light.’