Definition of phase diagram in English:

phase diagram


  • A diagram representing the limits of stability of the various phases in a chemical system at equilibrium, with respect to variables such as composition and temperature.

    • ‘The phase rule applied thermodynamic principles to chemical equilibria and allowed Roozeboom to develop a phase diagram of the iron carbon system.’
    • ‘The interplay of three crystal structures - dubbed the alpha, epsilon and gamma phases - and their electronic and magnetic properties can be represented on a pressure-temperature phase diagram.’
    • ‘One can draw a phase diagram to represent whether the system lies in a region of bistability (the system works) or in a region of monostability (the system does not work).’
    • ‘Based on the above-mentioned studies, it is presently well known that DMPC and DSPC form nonideal mixtures, i.e., there is a broad gel-fluid coexistence region in the phase diagram of this system.’
    • ‘A phase diagram is a plot of temperature against pressure for a particular substance and it shows the equilibria which exist between different states of matter under different physical conditions.’