Definition of phascogale in English:



  • A small arboreal flesh- and nectar-eating Australian marsupial with a pointed snout, large eyes and ears, and a bushy tail.

    Genus Phascogale, family Dasyuridae: two species

    • ‘Brush-tailed phascogales are speedy, elusive little tree-dwellers. Because of this they are extraordinarily difficult to survey.’
    • ‘The red-tailed phascogale is an endangered species that was once widespread over Australia. This species can currently only be found in the wheatbelt of western Australia.’
    • ‘Many small carnivorous marsupials live there, and some of them - six species of quolls and one phascogale - grow to about the size of civets and mongooses.’


Modern Latin, from Greek phaskōlos ‘purse’ + galē ‘weasel’.