Definition of pharmacogenomics in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The branch of genetics concerned with determining the likely response of an individual to therapeutic drugs.

    • ‘The future of medicine is poised to undergo a sea change leading to an improved diagnostics for diseases, earlier detection of genetic predisposition to diseases, gene therapy and pharmacogenomics for custom drugs.’
    • ‘This new science, pharmacogenomics, aims to predict both good and adverse clinical responses to individual drugs.’
    • ‘The future of personalized pharmacogenomics and of defining genetic susceptibility to disease promises a true revolution in how medicine will be practiced.’
    • ‘The company promises new molecular-based tests in disease predisposition, cancer screening, cancer therapy selection, and pharmacogenomics.’
    • ‘However, pharmacogenomics relates to drug response, not disease risk, and it remains to be seen how a better understanding of the genetic factors involved in therapy may impact on understandings of illness, normality and stigma.’